Cubs News

Cubs camp

Cubs had their first camp. Cubs started by preparing their own lunch to take with them on train ride to Botanic. We explored Ulster Museum. Once back in hall we enjoyed dinner, played games and set up tents for good nights sleep. Next morning after breakfast and tidy up cubs worked on some DIY skills.

Cubs News

Cubs night

Wednesday night cubs learned all about Bike Maintenance. We used bike pumps and spanners. After testing their bikes they all had fun ride around car park. We also practiced Grand Howl and invested our new Cub.


Cubs go Canoeing

Ballymoney cubs enjoyed an evening canoeing in Kilrea. A great time was had by all, and thankfully no one got too wet!
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Ballymoney Cubs take home a fantastic third place in NI Quiz Finals.

After winning the District heats, Ballymoney Cubs took to Stormont to compete in the Northern Ireland Quiz Challenge finals 2015.  The competition was very tough with twenty five teams and one hundred children participating.   The Ballymoney team consisting of Luke, Simon, Wade and Luca put up an amazing fight and finished on a brilliant third place beating twenty one district finalists teams.
It was a truly superb effort put in by the boys and the jumping of joy from all of us when Ballymoney Cubs was awarded third place.
Before the quiz started we were all given a tour of Stormont building and learned some very interesting facts.
“Did you know Stormont was exactly 365ft wide, one foot for everyday of the year?”
“Stormont has six floors and six pillars at the entrance, one for each county in Northern Ireland”
Once the tour was finished the parents / leaders were separated from the children and took part in an adult version of the quiz.  Let’s just say the kids did so much better than the parents / leaders!
A big thank-you is owed to Anne and Rebecca for making sure everything went to plan and the kids arrived on time, and a big congratulation again to Luke, Simon, Wade, Luca. Hope you are all enjoying your prizes!
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Camps News

Cubs Woodhall Weekend

The cubs went to Woodhall Residential centre this weekend and undertook a wide range of activities working towards their challenge awards.
Outdoors they zoomed down ziplines, (Kaa was quickest of the Leaders…) skipped by numbers (much much harder than it sounds!) Did human Jenga on crates (congrats to Baggys team… ) High Ropes…. leading to the leap of faith – Akela had none and bailed at the top of the ladder….And Archery… Robin Hood has nothing on the Ballymunion Cubbies….. Shere Khan and Baggy both made the top and leaped but the tigers tail must’ve been scalded as he did it in record time!
Indoors was game show night, ‘Mang’ Edwards hosted Deal or No Deal where everyone one a prize.. and Blankety Blank was a hit as well… After supper off to dreamland the groups worked on their Ballymoney Cubs Got Talent piece for the morning.
Breakfast down and the talent show began! everyone did their best and thoroughly entertained the judges.
Many Thanks to Aubrey, Janet and John at Woodhall and Baggy, Mang, Shere Khan and Kaa of the Cubs Leadership team – special thanks to Mang for the work that went into the Game shows.
Well done Cubs…. lets get ready for the next one!
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Camps News

Cubs Christmas camp

Shere Khans Christmas camp.. This year cubs joined up with beavers and started their Xmas camp with a trip to the millennium forum to watch jack and the beanstalk (oh no they didn’t..Lol) Once back at the guide house pass the pudding, wafting and flaffing in feeding frenzy, pass the pudding and card making were the order of the day. Mangs mighty spaghetti bolognese fueled the remainder of the games and following supper the Santa team (ably assisted by Explorer George) were ahead on points…(explorer Peters team were sooooo close) Then Santa visited and handed out goodies! the night finished off with a movie on the big screen.. Next day baggy provided the breakfast of all cub champions -waffles! More games, including the new favourite…. Table top air pingpong hockey…. Fun was had by all and Akela wants to pass his thanks on to the Cubs leadership team, Shere Khan, Kaa, Mang and the invaluable brains behind the games and silent leader… Mrs Shere Khan! Cubs all went home with Smartie tubes to collect 20ps over Christmas, good luck. PS… Santa team won reindeer candy canes and the snowmen team took an admirable silver place and got canes for their trees….
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Remembrance Day Parade

All sections of the group joined the local Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday, and attended the subsequent service at First Ballymoney Presbyterian Church.
This parade has grown in recent years and it was good to see all the other youth organisations out on the day. Scouting was represented by both Ballymoney Scout group and 4th Antrim Scouts.
Earlier that day the Scouts and Explorers took the honour of laying the wreath at the cenotaph.
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Arrangements for Remembrance Day Parade

The Remembrance Day Parade will take place on Sunday 09/11/2014. Following are the arrangements for the all sections:
13:45    Meeting at  Townhead Street Car Park  Dress – Full Uniform (Please bring a coat for wet weather)
13:45    Roll Call, head count and collect permission forms
The parade will go straight down the Main Street, turn left and go to First Ballymoney Presbyterian Church. The church service will last approximately 1 hour.  On leaving the church, the parade will turn right, go up to the roundabout, proceed along Queen Street and Church Street. The parade will then dismiss on High Street.
16:45    Collection from High Street
It is important that your child attend this as it will complete their Promise Challenge Badge requirements.  Please can you ensure that everyone attend.  We will need parent helpers to walk alongside the Parade, you do not have to attend the church service but will be needed for the return Parade, you will probably want to be there to watch your child Parade and take some photographs anyway.


Mang & Baggys Halloween party and BBQ!

Mang & Baggys Halloween party and BBQ!
Tonight was Halloween with Mang and Baggy. Games and bobbing and dangling doughnuts and skeletons and quizzes and pinyata were all happening in a very spooky hall.  Where else but cubs would have a BBQ at the end of October. Very impressive costumes were on display.
A great night had by all.
Many thanks to Tesco for donating pumpkins for everyone and to McAtamneys for helping with the BBQ goodies.
No cubs next week, see you all on Remembrance Sunday.


Return of Cubs

Cubs are back with a mission! Starting off the promise badge with promise and law relays, cubs showed off their best dance moves and raced against each other to make the grade… Games and fun all-around.


New Term for Beavers and Cubs

The first meeting of the new term for both Beavers and Cubs will be a registration evening. At these meetings the children and their parents will have the opportunity to meet some of the leaders, find out about our plans for the coming term, and ask any questions they may have.
Beavers should come to the Scout Hall on Tuesday 9th September at 7pm.
Cubs should come to the Scout Hall on Wednesday 10th September at 7pm.
Looking forward to seeing you all then!

Camps News

Baggy's End of Year Camp!!

Cubs finished for another year and celebrated with a one night camp at Baggy Mansion following a trip to the Swimming Pool. BBQ’s, Brownies, Bouncy castles, Water Bombs and relays were the order of the evening with smores and campfires. Cubs learnt how to put away their tents and pack their kits, handle and care for a python! good fun all round – See you all in september! Thanks to Baggy and Barry for hosting, Kyle for bringing his snake, Mang for helping out and Shere Khan for providing Akela with a castle to sleep in….
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Cubs – Animal Care, Canadian Visitor & Chief Scout Silver!

Tonight was a busy evening at cubs, the first part of the meeting was Hosted by Pets at Home and cubs got to handle snakes, dragons and bunnies! as well as a variety of other furries… Great fun
We were visited by Tim Chamberlain,  Akela from 3rd Bridgewater Cubs in Nova Scotia, Canada with whom we had exchanged letters last year.  He gave the cubs an overview of their programme, discussed the similarities and held a Q&A session, he left us with some Souvenirs.
Tim also presented three of our cubs with their Chief Scout Silver award, the highest badge a cub scout can earn, they got the badge and a certificate signed by Bear Grylls, Chief Scout.  Well done cubs!
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Northern Ireland 2014 Cub Jamboree!! – Cubjam

13 Cubs from Ballymoney attended the NI Cubjam 14 in Crawfordsburn Scout Centre last weekend.  It was an action packed 4 day trip, with three nights under Canvas.  They were supported by 4 Leaders and 2 Helpers (5 leaders?- ;)) and Castlerock Cubs helped with the Catering.
There was archery, water parks, hikes, go-karting (which nearly ended Baggy!!), obstacle courses, new games, crafts, discos, backwoods cooking, campfires, compass trails (Shere Khan – you know what you did!!) and a fun was had by all.  Many badges were achieved and everyones ready for the next one.
 Many thanks to Mrs Shere Khan for the Banner, Kevin, Helen and their Scouts for helping with the camp pack up, Mrs Akela for the Plaque and Cub Brownies, Rebecca for her tuck shop and time, Niall for his time and humour, Baggy and Shere Khan for all their hard word and of course Cubs Newest leader – Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (Cuggles…) Also Ballymoney Council for helping us to buy tents. No-one could have had the weekend we all had without all your help and the cubs enthusiasm and effort.
Can parents bring in any surplus belongings they may have found in their cubs bags on wednesday? We’ll have a swap shop to get it all to the correct owners.
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Cubs at the Circus

The Mayor gave beavers and cubs tickets to see Tom Duffys circus on Friday night, despite short notice we had a great turnout and everyone had a ball. Sea lions, acrobats and jugglers and not to forget motorbikes in a cage!! Akela even had his head polished by a clown….
Many thanks to John Finlay for the tickets.
photo 1 photo 2 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


George Meets the Cubs

The cubs are getting ready to head away on their Cubjam in May, George a scout from Ballymoney went to meet the cubs and talk with them about Jamborees and the fact that he is attending the World Jamboree in Japan in 2015. The cubs asked George lots of questions and are all eager to go on their own jamboree.
The world jamboree is in 2015 and will be held in Japan, with the following world jamboree being held in North America in 2019, when many of the cubs will be eligible to join in the fun and the once in a life time experience.


Cubjam Preparations

Last night cubs explored three different types of tent and got a quick taste of what the upcoming trip is going to be like – Jayne from Beavers and Rebecca our OH came along too, and we’ve discussed ideas for our campfire entertainment!
Next week we begin the Ballymoney Banner!!


Cubs Emergency Aid

Cubs emergency aid badge marathon continues…
On week two of the quest to do five, yes five! Staged emergency aid badges in 6 weeks cubs learnt diffrent types of slings and their uses. Unsuspecting adults got assigned broken limbs and handy first aiders before getting to go home too….


Bumper badge night for Cubs

After a month or two of varied nights cubs have completed no less than 11 badges and worked steadily towards achieving their Chief Scout Silver!
Finishing off the evening with “how to be a good passenger” was entertaining. Who knew that we had so many budding drivers!!

Camps News

Cubs at Shere Khan's Christmas Indoor Camp!!

17 Cubs went to the guide house this weekend for the last outing of the year.  Shere Khan (ably assisted by Mrs Shere Khans artistic endeavours!) had a full itinerary. Hathi rejoined us for the experience and Baggy made her signature waffle dish – you’ll notice the cubs with their self-designed international sign language ‘WE WANT WAFFLE’ sign in one of the pics.
Cubs cleaned up the beach,’flaffed & wafted’ fish in a Polar Frenzy, had magic carpet rides, passed the pudding, made finger puppets, did a night trek, built towers from spaghetti and marshmallows, designed a cubs christmas bayeux tapestry, watched movies and even squeezed in some sleep!
All in all a great time was had.
Many thanks to the parents who helped out with the programme.


Cubs visit the Library

Cubs visited Ballymoney library tonight and were guided by Leah through the book loaning service from alphabetical to the dewey decimal system. She read them stories and had them working for their book reading badge.
She explained there had been a library in ballymoney for over 170 year. Before planes and phones!!
Many thanks to the library and their staff for hosting us.


Cubs Investiture

Ballymoney Scout Group welcomed several new cubs to the worldwide family of scouting tonight. They join over 130000 cubs in the uk and 23 million scouts actoss the world.

They recited their promise and law and have enough badges to kerp their adults busy all week!

Congratulations to you all.




Ballymoney Scout Group at Ballymoney's Remembrance Sunday Parade

Ballymoney Scout Group had an impressive turnout this year and took part in Sunday’s Remembrance Day activities.  This parade has grown in recent years and it was good to see all the other youth organisations out on the day. Scouting was represented by both Ballymoney Scout group and 4th Antrim Scouts from Scouting Ireland in the town.
David ‘Sheer Khan’ and his Cubs laid a wreath in the morning following on from the Beavers last year, and we were well represented all day.
Jonny, Group Scout Leader, wants to pass on his thanks to all the Leaders, Parents and exec members who helped make it such a good day as well as congratulating all sections on their impeccable representation of the Group. Many local people commented on how well everyone looked and behaved, including the Beavers, who were amongst the youngest members of the parade and did the whole long walk without complaint.
photo 2phot 3photo2


Cubs Hallowe'en Night

Cubs had a Halloween party this week, games and fun abounded!


Cubs learn about tents

Cubs had a fun time on Wednesday evening learning about tents!
Many thanks to Scout leader Kevin and scouts Jacob, George and Nathan who came to cubs and showed them all about Patrol tents. Cubs got to be pegs and poles and play different games.


Beavers & Cubs Return

Cubs and Beavers will continue their badge journey starting in September 2013.
Beavers have a registration night on the 3rd of September at 6.30pm. It will be a chance to meet the new leaders and discuss your beavers programme for the upcoming year.
Cubs return on the 11th of September at 6.45pm. Please note new extended running time to 8.15pm. There are some new forms to fill in and we’d be grateful if Parents / carers could speak with leaders at drop off / pick up time.
We look forward to seeing you then.


Opportunity for Volunteers

Ballymoney Scout Group has grown very successfully over the past few years to nearly 90 young people  being members across our 4 sections.  (Beavers aged 6-8, Cubs aged 8-10, Scouts aged 10-14 and Explorers aged 14-18).
As with all growth comes change.  We now have vacancies for Volunteers at all sections within the group. Not all volunteers have to work with children directly – we have need of fundraisers, committee members, supporters and community liaisons.  Everyone in the group is a volunteer working towards shared goals.
This is an exciting opportunity for you to bring your skills, knowledge and sense of fun to a dynamic group working within your local community. We recognise everyone has different levels of spare time they can commit, and as such have opportunities ranging from 2-3 hours a week to an hour once in a blue moon.
If you would like to know more, please contact us.
Did you know?

  • There are nearly 500000 scouts in the UK (all sections and volunteers)
  • There are nearly 30 million scouts worldwide

Some common myths?

  • Scouting is not just for boys;
  • Girls have been a part of the adventure since 1976.
  • Scouting is not a Christian Organisation;
  • We are a multi-faith movement.
  • Scouting is not for everyone;
  • Yet 30,000 Young people are desperate to join.
  • Scouting is not linked to the army;
  • We’re the largest membership organisation in the world working for peace.
  • Scout Leaders are not just male;
  • 44% of our leaders are female.
  • Scouts do not say dyb dyb dyb
  • They haven’t done so since the 1960’s…but they still do their best!
  • Scouting is not about Bob-a-Job week;
  • But it is good for getting you a job!
  • Scouts do not just wear green;
  • They think green too.
  • Scouts do not sing Ging Ganh Goolie;
  • The tunes of Paul McCartney and Jarvis Cocker belted out were far more popular.
  • Scouting does not just happen in a Scout Hut;
  • After all, you can’t do over 200 adventurous activities inside!
  • Scouting is not just about tying knots;
  • It’s pretty hard to tie one while sailing, climbing or parascending.
  • Not all Scouts can be cool;
  • But these manage somehow…

David Beckham
Richard Branson

Richard Hammond
Jamie Oliver
Norman Cook ‘Fat Boy Slim’
Bear Grylls

Whats in it for you?
With a waiting list of over 30,000 children and young people, the data from the impact study can help you to encourage more adults to join Scouting as volunteers. You can use this information in school gate conversations or your publicity material to show why being a volunteer in Scouting is a great opportunity for adults in your area.
A full package of benefits
Scouting can offer a unique and interrelated package of benefits, these include:

  • having fun
  • having good friendships
  • taking part in activities
  • contributing to the community
  • improving life chances in terms of education and employment
  • building confidence and commitment to others.

Over a third of adult volunteers said that it was unlikely or impossible that they would have had the opportunity to gain these benefits without Scouting.
Developing skills
Scouting helps adults to develop a range of skills. In particular:

  • 91 % of volunteers said that Scouting had helped them to develop key skills, such as leadership, teamwork, character development and social skills.
  • 97 % said that being involved helped them with relationship building.
  • 97 %  said that Scouting helped them develop their volunteering activity including contributing to the community, improved understanding of the community and improved skills for volunteering.
  • 95 % said that Scouting helped them improve their physical skills, including the improved ability to cope with outdoor condition
  • Some 41 %of organisations reported that a job applicant’s involvement in Scouting would be a positive influence on their appointment. Organisations felt that staff who had been involved in Scouting were above average across a range of key attributes related to key Scouting qualities, including understanding of values, respect for others, teamwork ability, confidence, social skills, leadership ability, contribution to the community.

We welcome interest from all members of the community, if you would like further information or to chat about different roles please contact us.


Cubs End of Year

Wednesday night saw the end of this years Cubs….awwww.  But never fear we’ll be back in September!!  YAY!
We had a bring a friend night with party nibbles and silly games.  There was team relays, knots with ropes, knots with people, crisps and Jess’s, now sought after, top hats!
Akela gave an overview of the year and the gazillions of thing we learnt, saw and did, The leadership team and cubs were thanked and congratulated on the effort and results this year – no-one could have achieved more badges than us this year…
To top the evening off Baggy had a birthday.  Cubs all sang happy birthday and presented her with Choccies and a fresh box of Frozen waffles for her to practice with before next years sleepovers!
Thanks to all and well see you in September.


Cubs at Ulster Aviation Society

Cubs, as the final part of their Air Activities Badge, went on a trip to the Ulster Aviation Society in Long Kesh on Saturday.  They had the opportunity to see some restored aircraft, all with a connection to the old Long Kesh Airfield.  Many aircraft where still under restoration – including one that they have been working on for 20 years!  The entire collection is gathered and maintained by an enthusiastic group of volunteers and their enthusiasm was contagious.  The cubs also had an opportunity to see the recreated Cold War alarm and monitoring stations and had a demonstration of just how ready NI was for WW3!  The day was rounded off with a trip to Mcdonalds and sing songs on the big red bus (and the white one!)


Founders Day

Ballymoney Cubs and Scouts joined other members of the association as well as members from Scouting Ireland to celebrate Founders Day last Sunday 24th February.
Founders Day celebrates the birth of Baden Powell (22nd February 1857) the founder of Scouting.
This year a special Parade and Scouts Own took place in Londonderry as the city is celebrating its year as the City of Culture. Over 1400 Scouts from County Londonderry and County Donegal paraded through the city and were warmly welcomed by the residents; the parade crossed the peace bridge and finished with a Scouts Own in the newly erected events tent. All participants received a commemorative scarf and woggle which can be worn for the next month.
IMG_1169 IMG_1160 IMG_1167