Opportunity for Volunteers

Ballymoney Scout Group has grown very successfully over the past few years to nearly 90 young people  being members across our 4 sections.  (Beavers aged 6-8, Cubs aged 8-10, Scouts aged 10-14 and Explorers aged 14-18).
As with all growth comes change.  We now have vacancies for Volunteers at all sections within the group. Not all volunteers have to work with children directly – we have need of fundraisers, committee members, supporters and community liaisons.  Everyone in the group is a volunteer working towards shared goals.
This is an exciting opportunity for you to bring your skills, knowledge and sense of fun to a dynamic group working within your local community. We recognise everyone has different levels of spare time they can commit, and as such have opportunities ranging from 2-3 hours a week to an hour once in a blue moon.
If you would like to know more, please contact us.
Did you know?

  • There are nearly 500000 scouts in the UK (all sections and volunteers)
  • There are nearly 30 million scouts worldwide

Some common myths?

  • Scouting is not just for boys;
  • Girls have been a part of the adventure since 1976.
  • Scouting is not a Christian Organisation;
  • We are a multi-faith movement.
  • Scouting is not for everyone;
  • Yet 30,000 Young people are desperate to join.
  • Scouting is not linked to the army;
  • We’re the largest membership organisation in the world working for peace.
  • Scout Leaders are not just male;
  • 44% of our leaders are female.
  • Scouts do not say dyb dyb dyb
  • They haven’t done so since the 1960’s…but they still do their best!
  • Scouting is not about Bob-a-Job week;
  • But it is good for getting you a job!
  • Scouts do not just wear green;
  • They think green too.
  • Scouts do not sing Ging Ganh Goolie;
  • The tunes of Paul McCartney and Jarvis Cocker belted out were far more popular.
  • Scouting does not just happen in a Scout Hut;
  • After all, you can’t do over 200 adventurous activities inside!
  • Scouting is not just about tying knots;
  • It’s pretty hard to tie one while sailing, climbing or parascending.
  • Not all Scouts can be cool;
  • But these manage somehow…

David Beckham
Richard Branson

Richard Hammond
Jamie Oliver
Norman Cook ‘Fat Boy Slim’
Bear Grylls

Whats in it for you?
With a waiting list of over 30,000 children and young people, the data from the impact study can help you to encourage more adults to join Scouting as volunteers. You can use this information in school gate conversations or your publicity material to show why being a volunteer in Scouting is a great opportunity for adults in your area.
A full package of benefits
Scouting can offer a unique and interrelated package of benefits, these include:

  • having fun
  • having good friendships
  • taking part in activities
  • contributing to the community
  • improving life chances in terms of education and employment
  • building confidence and commitment to others.

Over a third of adult volunteers said that it was unlikely or impossible that they would have had the opportunity to gain these benefits without Scouting.
Developing skills
Scouting helps adults to develop a range of skills. In particular:

  • 91 % of volunteers said that Scouting had helped them to develop key skills, such as leadership, teamwork, character development and social skills.
  • 97 % said that being involved helped them with relationship building.
  • 97 %  said that Scouting helped them develop their volunteering activity including contributing to the community, improved understanding of the community and improved skills for volunteering.
  • 95 % said that Scouting helped them improve their physical skills, including the improved ability to cope with outdoor condition
  • Some 41 %of organisations reported that a job applicant’s involvement in Scouting would be a positive influence on their appointment. Organisations felt that staff who had been involved in Scouting were above average across a range of key attributes related to key Scouting qualities, including understanding of values, respect for others, teamwork ability, confidence, social skills, leadership ability, contribution to the community.

We welcome interest from all members of the community, if you would like further information or to chat about different roles please contact us.


Bag Packing at Asda

On Saturday 1st December, we were delighted to have many volunteers from Scouts, Explorers and their parents to assist in our fundraising Bag Packing at Asda, Coleraine.
We raised a fantastic amount of £469, and would like to thank Asda, its staff & customers for their continued and generous support.