Cubs End of Year

Wednesday night saw the end of this years Cubs….awwww.  But never fear we’ll be back in September!!  YAY!
We had a bring a friend night with party nibbles and silly games.  There was team relays, knots with ropes, knots with people, crisps and Jess’s, now sought after, top hats!
Akela gave an overview of the year and the gazillions of thing we learnt, saw and did, The leadership team and cubs were thanked and congratulated on the effort and results this year – no-one could have achieved more badges than us this year…
To top the evening off Baggy had a birthday.  Cubs all sang happy birthday and presented her with Choccies and a fresh box of Frozen waffles for her to practice with before next years sleepovers!
Thanks to all and well see you in September.