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Baggy's End of Year Camp!!

Cubs finished for another year and celebrated with a one night camp at Baggy Mansion following a trip to the Swimming Pool. BBQ’s, Brownies, Bouncy castles, Water Bombs and relays were the order of the evening with smores and campfires. Cubs learnt how to put away their tents and pack their kits, handle and care for a python! good fun all round – See you all in september! Thanks to Baggy and Barry for hosting, Kyle for bringing his snake, Mang for helping out and Shere Khan for providing Akela with a castle to sleep in….
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Cubjam Preparations

Last night cubs explored three different types of tent and got a quick taste of what the upcoming trip is going to be like – Jayne from Beavers and Rebecca our OH came along too, and we’ve discussed ideas for our campfire entertainment!
Next week we begin the Ballymoney Banner!!