Explorers Tall Ship Phoenix Adventure

On Sunday some of our explorers seized an amazing opportunity to board the Tall Ship Phoenix whilst she was moored in the bay just off Ballycastle. The ship and her crew were in Ballycastle as part of the maritime festival. Before boarding the explorers had some free time to explore and enjoy the stands and artisan markets on the promenade. We then jumped into a small rib (which was an experience for some). After a short trip we were welcomed aboard the Phoenix by Captin Joel Foote and his crew. We where then given a tour of the ship along with plenty of sea worthy stories to go it.

One of our new members was due to be invested and we were honoured in the fact the Captin Joel  presented Alfie with his new Phoenix necker. As a token of gratitude and the fact we share the same name we decided to present the Captin with a Phoenix necker for the ship to take on her next voyage.
After an amazing afternoon aboard we headed back to dry land which was a welcome end for some of our explorers who realised they didn’t have sea legs …..


Return of Cubs

Cubs are back with a mission! Starting off the promise badge with promise and law relays, cubs showed off their best dance moves and raced against each other to make the grade… Games and fun all-around.