Northern Ireland 2014 Cub Jamboree!! – Cubjam

13 Cubs from Ballymoney attended the NI Cubjam 14 in Crawfordsburn Scout Centre last weekend.  It was an action packed 4 day trip, with three nights under Canvas.  They were supported by 4 Leaders and 2 Helpers (5 leaders?- ;)) and Castlerock Cubs helped with the Catering.
There was archery, water parks, hikes, go-karting (which nearly ended Baggy!!), obstacle courses, new games, crafts, discos, backwoods cooking, campfires, compass trails (Shere Khan – you know what you did!!) and a fun was had by all.  Many badges were achieved and everyones ready for the next one.
 Many thanks to Mrs Shere Khan for the Banner, Kevin, Helen and their Scouts for helping with the camp pack up, Mrs Akela for the Plaque and Cub Brownies, Rebecca for her tuck shop and time, Niall for his time and humour, Baggy and Shere Khan for all their hard word and of course Cubs Newest leader – Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (Cuggles…) Also Ballymoney Council for helping us to buy tents. No-one could have had the weekend we all had without all your help and the cubs enthusiasm and effort.
Can parents bring in any surplus belongings they may have found in their cubs bags on wednesday? We’ll have a swap shop to get it all to the correct owners.
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