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Cubs Christmas camp

Shere Khans Christmas camp.. This year cubs joined up with beavers and started their Xmas camp with a trip to the millennium forum to watch jack and the beanstalk (oh no they didn’t..Lol) Once back at the guide house pass the pudding, wafting and flaffing in feeding frenzy, pass the pudding and card making were the order of the day. Mangs mighty spaghetti bolognese fueled the remainder of the games and following supper the Santa team (ably assisted by Explorer George) were ahead on points…(explorer Peters team were sooooo close) Then Santa visited and handed out goodies! the night finished off with a movie on the big screen.. Next day baggy provided the breakfast of all cub champions -waffles! More games, including the new favourite…. Table top air pingpong hockey…. Fun was had by all and Akela wants to pass his thanks on to the Cubs leadership team, Shere Khan, Kaa, Mang and the invaluable brains behind the games and silent leader… Mrs Shere Khan! Cubs all went home with Smartie tubes to collect 20ps over Christmas, good luck. PS… Santa team won reindeer candy canes and the snowmen team took an admirable silver place and got canes for their trees….
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