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Cubs at Shere Khan's Christmas Indoor Camp!!

17 Cubs went to the guide house this weekend for the last outing of the year.  Shere Khan (ably assisted by Mrs Shere Khans artistic endeavours!) had a full itinerary. Hathi rejoined us for the experience and Baggy made her signature waffle dish – you’ll notice the cubs with their self-designed international sign language ‘WE WANT WAFFLE’ sign in one of the pics.
Cubs cleaned up the beach,’flaffed & wafted’ fish in a Polar Frenzy, had magic carpet rides, passed the pudding, made finger puppets, did a night trek, built towers from spaghetti and marshmallows, designed a cubs christmas bayeux tapestry, watched movies and even squeezed in some sleep!
All in all a great time was had.
Many thanks to the parents who helped out with the programme.

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