Beavers, Bees and Butterflies

This week Beavers were learning about pollinators, bees and butterflies in particular. After learning what a pollinator is, they had a quiz about bees to learn some interesting facts.

Then they set about creating a mini wildflower meadow in some new planters out in the scout yard. They decorated bees and butterflies to bring some colour to the area while we wait for the wildflower seeds to grow.

Then they finished up with a bee themed team game. Collecting one pollen ball at a time from the yellow “flower” to bring back to their “hive” and then tag their next team member. It was a a close race with red, green and blue lodges all collecting 66 pollen balls and yellow lodge out in front with 82!!


Beavers Communicator Badge 🐣

This week beavers met at Drumaheagles Marina. First they split into their lodges and walked around the woodland trail with a leader per lodge. They used walkie-talkies to play I-spy with the other lodges as they walked.

When we returned to the green, they had to search for their lodges 6 plastic Easter eggs. Inside the eggs were puzzle pieces which made Easter pictures. Once they solved the puzzles they flipped them over and found a morse code message to decode on the back. This gave them the location of their chocolate Easter eggs. Well done to red lodge for completing it the fastest. We’ll see you all after Easter break 🐣


Beavers Sports Night

Beavers were working towards their sports badge this week. After a warm up they split into lodges and sat on their riverbanks (mats). Then they took part in a variety of races, first competing against their lodge members and then the winners represented their lodge in an attempt to earn lodge points. We had sprint, bean bag, space hopper and egg and spoon races. All lodges won points in the finals and each participant received mini bubbles at the end of the evening. Great to get outside now the nights are lighter.


Beavers make Poppies

Ballymoney beavers…….beavers paying their respect to fallen soldiers by making poppies and saying a prayer.
remembrance day


Remembrance Day Parade

All sections of the group joined the local Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday, and attended the subsequent service at First Ballymoney Presbyterian Church.
This parade has grown in recent years and it was good to see all the other youth organisations out on the day. Scouting was represented by both Ballymoney Scout group and 4th Antrim Scouts.
Earlier that day the Scouts and Explorers took the honour of laying the wreath at the cenotaph.
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Arrangements for Remembrance Day Parade

The Remembrance Day Parade will take place on Sunday 09/11/2014. Following are the arrangements for the all sections:
13:45    Meeting at  Townhead Street Car Park  Dress – Full Uniform (Please bring a coat for wet weather)
13:45    Roll Call, head count and collect permission forms
The parade will go straight down the Main Street, turn left and go to First Ballymoney Presbyterian Church. The church service will last approximately 1 hour.  On leaving the church, the parade will turn right, go up to the roundabout, proceed along Queen Street and Church Street. The parade will then dismiss on High Street.
16:45    Collection from High Street
It is important that your child attend this as it will complete their Promise Challenge Badge requirements.  Please can you ensure that everyone attend.  We will need parent helpers to walk alongside the Parade, you do not have to attend the church service but will be needed for the return Parade, you will probably want to be there to watch your child Parade and take some photographs anyway.


New Term for Beavers and Cubs

The first meeting of the new term for both Beavers and Cubs will be a registration evening. At these meetings the children and their parents will have the opportunity to meet some of the leaders, find out about our plans for the coming term, and ask any questions they may have.
Beavers should come to the Scout Hall on Tuesday 9th September at 7pm.
Cubs should come to the Scout Hall on Wednesday 10th September at 7pm.
Looking forward to seeing you all then!


Ballymoney Scout Group at Ballymoney's Remembrance Sunday Parade

Ballymoney Scout Group had an impressive turnout this year and took part in Sunday’s Remembrance Day activities.  This parade has grown in recent years and it was good to see all the other youth organisations out on the day. Scouting was represented by both Ballymoney Scout group and 4th Antrim Scouts from Scouting Ireland in the town.
David ‘Sheer Khan’ and his Cubs laid a wreath in the morning following on from the Beavers last year, and we were well represented all day.
Jonny, Group Scout Leader, wants to pass on his thanks to all the Leaders, Parents and exec members who helped make it such a good day as well as congratulating all sections on their impeccable representation of the Group. Many local people commented on how well everyone looked and behaved, including the Beavers, who were amongst the youngest members of the parade and did the whole long walk without complaint.
photo 2phot 3photo2


Beavers & Cubs Return

Cubs and Beavers will continue their badge journey starting in September 2013.
Beavers have a registration night on the 3rd of September at 6.30pm. It will be a chance to meet the new leaders and discuss your beavers programme for the upcoming year.
Cubs return on the 11th of September at 6.45pm. Please note new extended running time to 8.15pm. There are some new forms to fill in and we’d be grateful if Parents / carers could speak with leaders at drop off / pick up time.
We look forward to seeing you then.


Opportunity for Volunteers

Ballymoney Scout Group has grown very successfully over the past few years to nearly 90 young people  being members across our 4 sections.  (Beavers aged 6-8, Cubs aged 8-10, Scouts aged 10-14 and Explorers aged 14-18).
As with all growth comes change.  We now have vacancies for Volunteers at all sections within the group. Not all volunteers have to work with children directly – we have need of fundraisers, committee members, supporters and community liaisons.  Everyone in the group is a volunteer working towards shared goals.
This is an exciting opportunity for you to bring your skills, knowledge and sense of fun to a dynamic group working within your local community. We recognise everyone has different levels of spare time they can commit, and as such have opportunities ranging from 2-3 hours a week to an hour once in a blue moon.
If you would like to know more, please contact us.
Did you know?

  • There are nearly 500000 scouts in the UK (all sections and volunteers)
  • There are nearly 30 million scouts worldwide

Some common myths?

  • Scouting is not just for boys;
  • Girls have been a part of the adventure since 1976.
  • Scouting is not a Christian Organisation;
  • We are a multi-faith movement.
  • Scouting is not for everyone;
  • Yet 30,000 Young people are desperate to join.
  • Scouting is not linked to the army;
  • We’re the largest membership organisation in the world working for peace.
  • Scout Leaders are not just male;
  • 44% of our leaders are female.
  • Scouts do not say dyb dyb dyb
  • They haven’t done so since the 1960’s…but they still do their best!
  • Scouting is not about Bob-a-Job week;
  • But it is good for getting you a job!
  • Scouts do not just wear green;
  • They think green too.
  • Scouts do not sing Ging Ganh Goolie;
  • The tunes of Paul McCartney and Jarvis Cocker belted out were far more popular.
  • Scouting does not just happen in a Scout Hut;
  • After all, you can’t do over 200 adventurous activities inside!
  • Scouting is not just about tying knots;
  • It’s pretty hard to tie one while sailing, climbing or parascending.
  • Not all Scouts can be cool;
  • But these manage somehow…

David Beckham
Richard Branson

Richard Hammond
Jamie Oliver
Norman Cook ‘Fat Boy Slim’
Bear Grylls

Whats in it for you?
With a waiting list of over 30,000 children and young people, the data from the impact study can help you to encourage more adults to join Scouting as volunteers. You can use this information in school gate conversations or your publicity material to show why being a volunteer in Scouting is a great opportunity for adults in your area.
A full package of benefits
Scouting can offer a unique and interrelated package of benefits, these include:

  • having fun
  • having good friendships
  • taking part in activities
  • contributing to the community
  • improving life chances in terms of education and employment
  • building confidence and commitment to others.

Over a third of adult volunteers said that it was unlikely or impossible that they would have had the opportunity to gain these benefits without Scouting.
Developing skills
Scouting helps adults to develop a range of skills. In particular:

  • 91 % of volunteers said that Scouting had helped them to develop key skills, such as leadership, teamwork, character development and social skills.
  • 97 % said that being involved helped them with relationship building.
  • 97 %  said that Scouting helped them develop their volunteering activity including contributing to the community, improved understanding of the community and improved skills for volunteering.
  • 95 % said that Scouting helped them improve their physical skills, including the improved ability to cope with outdoor condition
  • Some 41 %of organisations reported that a job applicant’s involvement in Scouting would be a positive influence on their appointment. Organisations felt that staff who had been involved in Scouting were above average across a range of key attributes related to key Scouting qualities, including understanding of values, respect for others, teamwork ability, confidence, social skills, leadership ability, contribution to the community.

We welcome interest from all members of the community, if you would like further information or to chat about different roles please contact us.

Camps News

Beavers Wild West Summer Camp

The Wild West Theme started on Tuesday with both Beaver Colonies visiting Shean’s Horse Farm where they enjoyed a beautiful horse trek in the sun.  Our Wild West Summer Camp began on Friday evening again back a Shean’s Horse Farm. The Beavers played games, had a beef burger supper, unpacked, wore their camp blankets whilst singing around the campfire, completed a midnight trail and went to sleep in their tent. On Saturday morning we watched the horses and ponies being rounded up, had breakfast and then trekked up the mountain where they all had a chance to cut some peat, and finally ate some hotdogs before heading home.
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Beavers Go Bowling

Both groups from the Ballymoney Beavers have enjoyed a great night bowling at the Jet Centre. This was the last night before Easter and the two groups were mixed together so that they can get to know each other better before our camp in June.


Pancake-crazy Beavers!

Tonight the Beavers went Pancake crazy. They played pancake games and made their very own Beaver pancakes. Also many of the Beavers received at least two badges including their experiment and creative activity badges as well as their friendship challenge badge. imageimageimage


This week in Beavers

Emergency Aid
Tonight we continued to work on our Emergency aid badge. Unfortunately the Ambulance Service wasn’t able to attend but the Beavers all had a fun time learning some basic first aid and got lots of practice putting on bandages and dressings.


Remembrance Day

All sections of the group joined the local Remembrance Day Parade last Sunday, and attended the subsequent service at 1st Ballymoney Presbyterian Church.

Earlier that day a small delegation from the group were present at the wreath laying ceremony, with the Beavers taking the honour of laying the wreath at the cenotaph.


Beavers Update

It has been a busy week for the Beavers. On Tuesday night we had our Investiture Ceremonies with the new Beavers receiving their badges and certificates. We also had a visit from Lynn who talked about the importance of The Poppy Appeal with members of the colony helping to make some poppies. Thanks to the Beavers who worked hard and their parents generous support we were able to present The Poppy Appeal a cheque for £221.15. The week came to a close with 3 Beavers laying a wreath at the morning service in Ballymoney followed by 28 of our Beavers attending the Remembrance Day Parade in the afternoon.


This week at Beavers…

This week the Beavers started work on their Creative Badge whilst focusing on our Beaver Promise. A number of the Beavers that attended last year received a variety of badges, these included the outdoor challenge badge, adventure badge, nights away badge, Beaver sleepover badge and joining in awards. Two of the Beavers that are moving on to the Cubs also received their moving on certificates.  Next week we start work on our Friendship Challenge.


Beavers and Cubs

This week saw the start of weekly meetings for Beavers and for Cubs after their summer break. We were delighted to have a good number of youngsters coming along, some returning after the holidays and some coming for the first time. This has been such a success that we have deemed it necessary to close registration for any additional new members at this stage.
If you would like to join either Beavers or Cubs, please do make contact with us, by email or by using the contact page on the website. Your details can then be added to our waiting list.
For reasons of Child Protection and Safety it is important that those hoping to join do not just turn up at the scout hall – please make contact to ascertain when a space may be available for your child.

Camps News

Ballymoney Scout Group Join Coleraine District at the Jubilee Camp

Bad weather and flooding didn’t stop Ballymoney Scout Group from having an amazing time at the Coleraine District Jubilee Camp on the 22nd – 24th June. A last minute change of venue to Castlerock, where Hezlett Primary School and The Peter Thompson Hall came to the rescue, allowed almost 300 young people and adults to celebrate in style. Saturday saw a slightly brighter day which allowed all the activities to go ahead.

Explorers were tasked with making their way to Coleraine (having been dropped off at random points in the area). Along the way they had a list of tasks to complete, including cooking food with a stranger and finding a rubber duck.
The Scouts enjoyed a number of activities including archery, climbing, demolition assault course, laser tag as well as a short hike. The Cubs enjoyed miniature raft building, climbing, a nature ramble, and an obstacle course. Shani Steenson a mother of one of the cubs and a helper over the weekend said “it is great to see everyone mixing together and enjoying themselves even the adults had a go at the activities”.

The Beavers arrived Saturday lunch time and spent the afternoon enjoying beach games, before joining the Scouts and Cubs for a fair and then a campfire sing song. After a night to recover more games and crafts were enjoyed by all on Sunday morning before a Scouts Own led by the young people and attended by the Lord Lieutenant of County Londonderry.
The whole weekend was a great success and enjoyed by all. The young people are already looking forward to the next Coleraine District events for their sections when they will meet up with all their new friends again.


Beavers Badge Work

The Beavers are working on their Animal Friend badge from now until Easter.
Staff from ‘Pets at Home’ joined us last Tuesday bringing  guinea pigs, hamster rabbits and a dog.
On the 6th March we are going to the’ Pets at Home’ store, and on 13th March Karen Mitchell (Dog Warden from BBC) will be giving us a talk in the hall.
On 20th March, Karen & Darryl from ‘Pets at Home’ are joining us again to present badges, and on that date 4 new Beavers will be invested.


Beavers Meet Santa

On Saturday 10th December, Ballymoney Beavers travelled to Castlerock for a Christmas fun day, meeting up with over 80 Beavers from all over the Coleraine District including Coleraine, Portstewart, Scouting Ireland from Coleraine, and Castlerock.

All the Beavers at the Fun Day

The day started with drawing a picture for Santa, with Jonathan’s picture being judged the best for Ballymoney.
Fun and games, making a lot of noise!

The Beavers then went on to spend some time singing and dancing to Christmas songs, making as much noise as they could with their tambourines and maracas.
Meeting Santa

After a refreshment break the Beavers listened to traditional Christmas stories, bringing the afternoon to a close was a visit to Santa to receive a Christmas stocking.
All the Beavers had a great afternoon and thanks go to Jean the ADC Beavers & the Castlerock team for organising a great event for everyone.


Beavers Keep Fit night

On Tuesday night past (13th November, 2011) we had Carol McClure, a Fitness Instructor from the JDLC, doing a keep fit class with the Beavers who are currently working on their Health and Fitness badge. The Beavers all took part in the class and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the leaders also joined in but found it a bit tough going!