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Cubs Woodhall Weekend

The cubs went to Woodhall Residential centre this weekend and undertook a wide range of activities working towards their challenge awards.
Outdoors they zoomed down ziplines, (Kaa was quickest of the Leaders…) skipped by numbers (much much harder than it sounds!) Did human Jenga on crates (congrats to Baggys team… ) High Ropes…. leading to the leap of faith – Akela had none and bailed at the top of the ladder….And Archery… Robin Hood has nothing on the Ballymunion Cubbies….. Shere Khan and Baggy both made the top and leaped but the tigers tail must’ve been scalded as he did it in record time!
Indoors was game show night, ‘Mang’ Edwards hosted Deal or No Deal where everyone one a prize.. and Blankety Blank was a hit as well… After supper off to dreamland the groups worked on their Ballymoney Cubs Got Talent piece for the morning.
Breakfast down and the talent show began! everyone did their best and thoroughly entertained the judges.
Many Thanks to Aubrey, Janet and John at Woodhall and Baggy, Mang, Shere Khan and Kaa of the Cubs Leadership team – special thanks to Mang for the work that went into the Game shows.
Well done Cubs…. lets get ready for the next one!
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