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Games Night with Beavers

Nice wee evening playing a few games in the local park. We had a team obstacle course ( team 2 just beat team 1) and a socially distanced version of ladders. Finally we moved to the play park for a game of the floor is lava. Great to see another (mostly) dry evening for outdoor fun 🤩

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Beavers Green Cross Code Walk

This week Beavers went a walk around town practicing their green cross code. We split into 2 groups and started off on our walks. We also had a scavenger hunt as we walked. Finally a game of what time is it Mr Wolf when we returned to the car park.

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County Camp at Home 2 – together

Last weekend all sections joined groups from the county and beyond, taking part in another virtual camp. This time we had the benefit of being able to meet up for part of the camp too 😃

Beavers met at the hall first, watched the camp opening live, made our camp pictures, played games and completed the straw rocket craft. Eight new beavers were invested and the whole colony made their promise ⚜️ They went home with badges recently earned and resources to make their bee pegs.

Scouts met in the afternoon, took a trip to the local park for some footgolf (set up and ran by YLs), attempted Da Vinci Bridges and then lit campfires and had s’mores (kids brought their own) back at the hall. We also invested 2 new scouts and a leader ⚜️

Cubs had an evening session, practicing knots, making kites, dancing, s’mores (kids brought their own) and invested new cubs and leaders.

All sections were busy at home with their families completing a variety of challenges over the weekend. Well done to all Ballymoney Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, YL’s and leaders 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Huge thanks to Paul and the county team, all the Ballymoney Leader team and our fantastic parents for making our camp at home 2 a great experience ⛺️ ⚜️

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Beavers are Super Heroes!!

This week we had a superhero theme. Beavers promise to be kind and helpful, just like superheroes. They played a tag game we named superheroes vs villains, using pool noodles and hula hoops, then drew chalk self portraits of themselves as superheroes. We had a lots of interesting super powers.

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Beavers and Boats

This week Beavers made boats from tin foil for Lego mini figures. Once they created their bases and sails, it was time to launch the boats! All stayed afloat!! Time to experiment. How many pennies could their boats hold before sinking? Did it mattter where they placed their pennies? Only got a few pics 🙊 Also a wee game of foxes and rabbits 🦊 🐰

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Beavers Scouting @ Home – Indoor Campfire

This week Beavers were challenged to create indoor campfires using junk/paper/Lego/play-dough…whatever they had available around the home. Pleased to say we have had lots of fabulous creations. Well done Beavers!!!

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Beavers Scouting at Home – Build a Fort

Unfortunately, due to social distancing because of the coronavirus, all face to face scouting has been cancelled. 

Fear not!!! Beaver scouts have been busy scouting at home 🙂 

Their first weekly challenge was to built a blanket fort and sleep in it.  The challenge was accepted by around 75% of our young people and our YL too.  The kids smiling faces cheered all the leaders up.  

Well done to our fabulous Beavers. It was great to see siblings and parents getting involved too. Keep an eye out for next weeks challenge – build a 3D campfire!

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Beaver Shape

Ballymoney Beavers met up with lots of other Colonies for the annual Beavershape day. A day of fun, scout skills and youth shaped activities.

On arrival at Bovevagh Parish Church, our Beavers enjoyed a teddy bears picnic. Bellies full and then it was time to start activities. First up was the youth-shaped activities – cool wall (to decide which badges Beavers were really interested in doing) and create a plate (Beavers drew various camp site ideas).

The next session was a parachute game and the wish tree – Beavers wrote something they would really like to do and by hanging it on the wish tree, their wishes will hopefully come true.

Then onto some more creative fun. They made ‘Lego’ woggles and designed their own neckers. Our own Beaver section YL Robyn helped run this activity.

Next up, a firm favourite…fires and smores! Each Beaver made a fire lighting kit, lit small fires using flint and steel and then toasted marshmallows for smores.

Of course no Beaver day out is complete without a bouncy castle, and so they had half an hour of bouncing on two inflatables.

Finally, they experienced an indoor campfire, where they joined in with some silly campfire songs. Shout out to Scout section YL Alex for his campfire song – singing in the rain. Most sang along and did their best to follow the actions.

Our Beavers were very well behaved and seemed to enjoy the day. Many thanks to Adam and the County Youth team for organising and running the day and to Bovevagh for hosting the event.

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Beavers Winter Adventure

Beavers voted to go to We are Vertigo for their Winter Adventure…their wish was our command 🧞‍♂️. The turquoise ninjas had fun bouncing and sliding around the inflatapark. After this they visited the adventure zone. Lots of Beavers tried out the high ropes and low ropes, a few tried the climbing wall and they all had fun in the soft play. Many thanks to we are Vertigo for all their help.

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Beaver Rally Day

Some of our Beavers attended the NI Beaver Rally day at Crawfordsburn Scout Centre this weekend. As the theme for the event was World around us, Beavers decorated rocks earlier in the week with drawings relating to India. These were then swapped at Crawfordsburn with rocks other colonies decorated with drawings/paintings related to other countries.

Beavers had a great time watching the magic show, bouldering and following the gruffalo trail….

They showed off their dancing skills with a Zumba session…

Zumba with Ash!!!

They were creative decorating cardboard shapes, rice sound makers and beaver biscuits…

Then they searched for bugs…

Finally fun on the assault course, shopping and stone swapping.

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Beavers RNLI Visit

This week Ballymoney Beavers visited Fred at the RNLI boathouse in Portrush. They learned about keeping safe at the beach by wearing sun hats and sun cream and to protect their feet with old shoes/crocs. Fred told them all about the lifeguards and the importance of swimming/paddling in between the red and yellow flags. He also explained how to get help in an emergency.

Then the Beavers were shown around areas not normally open to the public. First stop, the changing room ….

Then down to see the dry suit and helmet worn when going out on the small life boat…

Finally upstairs to see the RNLI office…

Thank you to all the Beavers for donating money to the RNLI during our visit. They have all been given a small jar to fill with 5p’s to raise some more funds for this important, lifesaving charity.

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Easter Raffle Winner

Thank you to all those who supported our Easter fundraiser by entering our raffle. We raised £311 which will be used to buy more tents and equipment for our group camp later this year. The winner of the hamper was Margaret Archibald. Congratulations!!

Also a huge thank you to those who donated prizes including cinema and bowling passes from The Jet Centre, Coleraine and a voucher from McClesters Family Butcher, Ballymoney.

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Beavers Bistro – Mother’s Day

Beavers invited all mothers (and fathers and siblings) to come to our Beavers Bistro for a mother’s day treat. They had the responsibility of taking orders, and then helping to make tea/coffee to treat their family. Of course leaders were on hand to help with boiling water and delivery of hot drinks. Beavers did a great job of handing out plates of biscuits too. After everyone was relaxing with their tasty treats our fantastic Beavers gave mums a notecard (decorated earlier) and chose a rose for their mum. Well done everyone!!

At the end of the meeting we invested 3 new beavers and awarded badges. Thanks to our helpers …. Scout Leader David, scout helpers and young leaders. No photos this time, too busy 😂

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#Beavershape 2019

Our youngest section took part in the county #Beavershape event this weekend. The event was held in Castlerock and they were joined by beavers from all over the county. They had a blast playing games and creating tea towels, new badges and mini figure woggles.

They took part in youth shape activities in which they expressed what they liked to do at beavers, what they think makes a good leader and thoughts on badges they can currently earn or new ideas for ones they would like to earn.

Lunch break, during which they had some impromptu games of Ladders and Duck, duck, goose with Derryloran beavers. Then they were able to burn off some more energy on the inflatable assault course. Finally time to relax while learning about animals such as a millipede, a Harris hawk, a tarantula and a boa constrictor snake. Our Beavers were all very brave!

Well done to all the beavers for behaving so well and doing Ballymoney proud. Thank you to Adam Meikle and his team for organising and running the event. Also, thanks to our Scout helper Robyn for taking most of the photos.

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Beavers Helping Hands

Helping Hands Jazz Hands

Over the past month our youngest section have been doing work on their personal challenge badge and promise. They had to challenge themselves to do at least one helpful or kind thing for someone else each week. They wrote what they had done on to Helping Hands, brought them back to stick on to our Kindness Tree, and received their next hand.

We were impressed by the wide variety of helpful things Beavers did, such as …. cleaning out their hamster …. cooking dinner … carrying in groceries…. tidying up … helping teachers … being nice to siblings …blowing up balloons for a relatives party … helping when someone fell over … washing/walking dogs … sharing sweets … to name but a few!!

Our Kindness Tree is now in full bloom with all the lovely Helping Hands. We hope our Beavers will continue to be ‘kind and helpful’ for a very long time. Well done everyone!

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Beavers Celebrate Chinese New Year

Tonight Beavers worked on their international activity badge by learning about the Chinese New Year. We told them this was the year of the pig and they found out their zodiac animal signs. They learned how to say hello (nî hâo), recognised the Chinese flag and tasted various Chinese dishes (some attempting to use chopsticks). The tasting session ended with a fortune cookie each. Then they made Chinese dragon puppets and played with Chinese dragon headdresses. At the end of the night, they all received a red envelope 🧧 with a little surprise inside.

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Beavers Visit The Police

Thanks to Ash for organising a visit to Coleraine police station. Beavers were shown different uniforms, torches (or lightsabers) and walkie-talkies. A few had a go with the breathalyser (pleased to report no young offenders) and were shown how fingerprints were taken. After a quick question and answer session,  it was off for a visit to the cells and then a chance to sit in a police car 🚔 before heading home.


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Rememberance Day 100 Years After the end of Great War (WW1)

We had a great turn out today from all the young people in all sections. We also had representatives from all the sections for the wreath laying in the morning with the beavers sections having the honour of laying the wreath.
It was very impressive to see over 40 scouts aged from 5 & three quarters to 18 all walking together alongside other uniformed youth groups and movements from the town to show their Respects.
Well done to the Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, Guides, BB, GB, Army Cadets, the British Legion and everyone else for a great display.
Many thanks to the leaders and parents assisting.
video clip below.

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Beavers Halloween Trip to W5 & Monster Manor

Beavers visited W5 and Monster Manor for their Halloween outing. Every Beaver braved the Manor admirably where they encountered skeletons, Frankenstein, a beast in a crate and other spooky creations.  They then proceeded to take over all floors of W5, fighting dinosaurs, role playing in GO and constructing all sorts of models, as well as burning  off some energy in the climbit area.  Thanks to our young leader and scout helper for their assistance and Shere Khan for being our driver for the day.


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Beaver Investitures and Joining in

Recently 7 new Beavers made their promises and were invested into the colony.  A number of Beavers were also awarded their joining in level 1.  Well done everyone.  Thanks to Shere Khan for coming down to help out. Also thanks to our young leader for taking photos and leading the Halloween craft.

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Restart a Heart Day 2018

As part of the nationwide Restart a Heart day the Group partnered with both the St Johns Ambulance and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service to run a special evening where all the young people (some leaders and parents too!) learnt all about resuscitation, CPR, how to help others and key Life Saving skills.  43 members from all sections covering our youngest 6 year old Beaver scouts right through to our Older Explorer Scouts took an active hands on role in the evening.  It was fanstastic to see all sections in the same place working together.
Special thanks have to go to Sheila and her team – James, TA and Shan all from St Johns Ambulance and the Two Dominics from NIAS, all of whom were in a packed noisy hall on a tuesday evening sharing their knowledge along with our own merry band of Leaders who added another evening to their volunteering with enthusiasm and smiles.  It was a great event, hoepfully to be repeated again nex year.
All participants gained Certifcated showing their achievements.

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New Scouting Year

Registration nights as follows:-
Beavers 6-8 year old 11/09/2018 from 18:45 – 20:00
Cubs 8-10.5 year old 12/09/2018 from 18:45 – 20:15
Scouts 10.5 – 14 year old 07/09/2018 from 19:00 – 21:00 for the scouts section this will be a social night for all parents, scouts and potential scouts.  Come along, fill in the forms and enjoy tea/coffee and a nibble.  It will be a good chance to speak to the leaders about plans for the coming year.  Hope to see you all there.

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Beavers Party and Badges

Last week was the Beavers end of year party. During a log chew earlier in the year the kids had asked for a wii Just Dance party, so we gave them their wish. There were also some fair games (left from group camp) and lots of sweets, crisps and ice lollies. Great fun was had by all. At the end of the meeting it was time to award badges to those present, including two bronzes (the highest badge a Beaver can achieve) to Ishbel and Oliver. Well done to both of them and good luck as they move on to Cubs for more adventures in September. Our newest member was also invested in front of all her fellow Beavers. Thanks to all parents for their support throughout the year. Enjoy your summer and we are looking forward to seeing you all next year.

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End of Year Group Camp

Ballymoney Scout Group had their first ever all section group camp in June.   The Scouts and Cubs went horse riding on Friday night before getting some bounce time on the inflatable assault course.  This was followed by a camp fire and s’mores toasted on the fire.  After a few songs it was off to bed.
Up bright and early for breakfast on Saturday and then the Scouts were off to Glenariff Forest Park for a hike and some photography work.  The Cubs then had their outing to Rosepark farm, who just happened to be having birthday celebrations! When the Scouts got back they had some free time and the option to go to play volleyball or play on the inflatable before the Beavers came on site for their camp.  Some of the Scouts and Beaver parents assisted in  leading the Beavers on their horse riding session.  When the Beavers had finished their horse riding it was time for the BBQ.  After dinner the Scouts setup and ran the camp fair for the Beavers and Cubs to play.  Another campfire, s’mores and songs and a very tired group headed to bed.
Sunday morning and those awake early enough enjoyed watching the horses being brought in from the field – they counted 30 horses passing by. After breakfast time it was time to pack all the gear away into rucksacks. Beavers and Cubs then made creative pool noodle ponies while Scouts worked hard breaking camp.
Parents arrived, group camp badges were distributed and many tired young people and leaders were ready to head to the comforts of home.
Many thanks to all at Sheans horse farm for helping our young people with the horse riding and the use of their facilities for camp. Also, thanks to Dr Walker for running the volleyball, Rebecca for cooking the BBQ and all the other leaders who made camp possible.

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BARK Food Collection

Over the month of June all three sections have been bringing in donations for BARK a local dog shelter.  BARK had put out an appeal for donations of tinned dog food to the local community and Ballymoney Scout Group answered.  We hope that what we have collected over the month will have made a small difference.  Louise (in the photos with the crutches)from BARK let the Scouts around to see all of the dogs that are waiting to get re-homed.

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Group Camp Kit List

group camp activity form beavers
Group Camp Kit List beavers
Group Camp Kit List cubs1
Group Camp Kit List scouts

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Beavers Fun In The Sun

Our Beavers have been making the most of the recent spell of good weather for the last few weeks. They have had a fun trip to the beach. Paddling in the water was a great way to cool off after a warm day.


At the next meeting we went a walk to the local park to play rounders followed by some fun in the play park. 
Finally, another trip out to identify some wildflowers and trees in Mountsandal Woods.  The beavers completed a hike across to the fort, down to the river and back to the bus. They all did very well.

Here’s hoping the good weather returns in time for our group camp.


Beavers Gardener Badge

Beavers started work on their gardeners badge last week. They decorated pots to plant their summer flower seeds in.

They took their filled pots home to look after and record the changes they see as the flowers grow. Hopefully we will see some lovely blooms.
They also created a wildlife garden in tyre planters with plants that attract wildlife, like lavender, thyme and phlox. Each beaver drew a bug to decorate the wildlife garden sign 🐞🐝

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Tonight our beaver scouts were walking around Ballymoney leaving their painted rocks in various places for people to find.  Their hope is to make someone smile when they find them.  Our hope is to make more people aware of scouting in Ballymoney.  Keep an eye to see if anyone puts pictures of their finds under this post.  Here are the rocks to look out for.

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Beavers Collectors Badge

Tonight beavers did some show and tell of items they have collected for their collectors badge.  As it was a lovely evening we moved the meeting outdoors.  There were a wide variety of items on show.

Football cards


Beach finds (rocks, driftwood, shells)

Bottle tops



Beanie Boos




Complete set of Lego cards

Toy horses

The beavers all did very well talking about their collections and answering questions from their peers. Well done everyone!!