Beavers News

Beavers Bouldering and make a machine

This week Beavers met at the hall. They enjoyed an ice lolly on arrival before starting into activities. They were working in their lodges to build a machine out of Lego. They discussed their ideas in their lodges, drew their design and then attempted to create them from Lego.

At the same time they took turns in their lodges to conquer our new bouldering wall. Well done to our YL Lotars for running this activity with leaders assisting.

Some very interesting machine ideas, especially the diamond making machine and the teleporter car which send people who are bad to jail and people who are good to their favourite place. Well done to all lodges for presenting their machines at the end of the night to all the other lodges and leaders πŸ‘πŸ»

Next week is our end of year party and awards and group camp at the weekend πŸ•οΈ

Finally we say goodbye to one of our leaders, Ash, who will be missed by all. Enjoy your chocolates πŸ˜‹