Beavers News

Beavers Easter Eggscape Room

This week the Beavers were challenged to complete an escape room style activity which was Easter themed.

Our poor Easter bunny’s treat stash had been locked up by some nasty people and Beavers had to work together in their lodges, solving a number of problems to find the keys to the padlocks.

The challenge started when they cracked/popped their eggs to get their 1st instructions. They had to find eggs, solve the picture puzzle inside, flip it to solve Morse code for the next clue, figure out the lock box code, use compass skills to locate a key to matching fairy doors and use their aim to knock over cups which contained keys. Finally, they had to figure out which four of the twelve keys opened the padlocks on the Easter bunny’s box. She was so grateful for their help that she shared her Easter chocolate and mini eggs with all our Beavers.

After another two beaver collections were shown, our YLs ran a couple of Easter themed games and handed out Easter eggs to take home.