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Phoenix March Update

This month Phoenix members started to plan for our spring camp. So far date has been agreed, venue confirmed and now need to decide on activities and risk assess together. We also did some prep for camp… chopping firewood and trying some camp food treats. Camp doughnuts as requested by our scout YLs and campfire popcorn. Popcorn flavours were sugar, butter and sugar or chilli and salt. Lots of firewood chopped, traditional method using axes and a new gadget which will hopefully allow our younger member to prepare firewood without an axe.

At our other meeting this month we visited Somerset forest. It was a lovely afternoon for a walk, playing capture the flag, enjoying a competitive team Easter egg hunt and trying some cup a soups (using trangias to boil water) and other drinks and snacks. Plenty of socialising time as always, so important for this age group.