Cubs Investiture Ceremony

This week many of our new cubs completed their Investiture ceremony.  This is where they formally join the scouting family and are awarded their membership badge, joining approximately 28 million scouts worldwide.
The badge is presented at the Investiture ceremony when the new Cub Scout makes their Promise in front of the pack, parents and leaders.  In Ballymoney we do the ceremony over our original wolf cubs flag.
To gain the membership badge there are the following requirements:

Know about the Cub Scout Pack:
Get to know the other members and leaders in your Six and Pack.
Find out about the ceremonies and traditions in your Pack.
Find out about the activities that your Pack does.

Know about joining your Pack:
Know and understand the Cub Scout Promise and Law and the rules in your Pack.
Know and understand the Cub Scout Motto, Sign, Salute and Handshake.
Know what to do at your Investiture.
Know the meanings of the badges you will receive.

Know the history of the family of Scouts and worldwide Scouting.

Congratulations to all our new members, this will hopefully only be the start of their badge collection!


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