Cubs Dunluce Weekend

Cubs had a night away in the Dunluce Guide House this weekend. For many it was their first experience of being away with cubs and they all did brilliantly!  There were treks round Dunluce Castle, exploring Portbradden, Invisible Assault Courses, Nightlines, Tower Building.
Our honorary Baloo (Kevin – GSL) explained Trails and Signcraft – which naturally led to a beach expedition to follow a trail.  Silly games abounded and of course we were never far from (as Enid Blyton may have said…) lashings and lashings of hot chocolate.  Baloo prepared his signature Eggy Bread, Bagheera prepared her (now legendary) waffles and we all ate like troopers. Hathi ran about and kept everyone fit and glowing and entertained and Akela tried very hard to sleep….
A great weekend. Many thanks to all the Cubs for making it a success and to the Leaders for all their hard work and input.  Akela (Jonny), Bagheera (Anne), Hathi (Ian), Hon. Baloo (Kevin) also thanks to Jasmine the Explorer for all her assistance and to Helen for helping out.
 CubsDunluce8 CubsDunluce7 CubsDunluce6 CubsDunluce5 CubsDunluce 4 CubsDunluce3 CubsDunluce2 CubsDunluce1

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