Chocolate Challenge

Once again the chocolate challenge has raised its head. In patrols the scouts and explorers designed a chocolate bar which included coming up with ingredients, naming it, designing its wrapper and, in the case of the explorers, even creating an advertising jingle.
Entrants were varied with the Ulster Fry Bar which included bacon and eggs, The Sugar Rush which was true to its name and would have you bouncing off the ceiling, and this year’s winner was the Qwa-Bang which was designed by the explorers and contained a lock of Bob Marley’s dreads, tears of a gypsy, iron, titanium and chicken nuggets!!!!
Then came the fun part where everyone got to make and taste the Qwa-Bang with the majority of the ingredients having to be substituted for an edible version.
Not sure that this would make them their fortune on Apprentice or Dragons Den though…Choc 01 Choc 02 Choc 03