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Scouts Survival Bivi Night

The Scouts went out on a chilly survival night and made their shelters for sleeping under.

Some of them practiced their knife skills while the rest had a go at using different types of cooking equipment. After boiling the water on the trangia’s they had their cupasoups/mugshots to warm them up.

Breakfast rations were given out before heading out to light the camp fire. Fire lit and spirits high as they sang camp fire songs.

Some time and laughs later they all went to bed and the leaders went into their hammocks.

After a long lie in until after 8 am 😮 it was time to light the camp fire and have breakfast.

After breakfast they had some free time to explore the woods and climb trees. Time for camp tidy up with some help from cookie the dog and dismantle the shelters.

Scouts then had to light a fire to cook a hobo’s lunch (mince beef, potato’s and carrot wrapped in foil).

The Scouts and myself would like to thank Catherine for letting us use her grounds. Also thanks Akela and Alphie (Explorer YL) for much appreciated help.