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Cubs October Camp! Breckenhill

This year we decided to sneak in an extra canvas camp for the cubs.  We headed off to Breckenhill Activity Centre in Doagh.
The cubs, most of whom are new this year and relative novices took to the camp lifestyle with absolute gusto.  We landed in the rain and Mr Dave and Miss Henry from Breckenhill had them feeling right at home and away doing activities from the get go.
Archery, Earth-ball, Trike relays, traversing walls, Splatmaster, Low ropes courses, Giant Catapults, orienteering, night-lines filled the day, and evening and the next day we had more archery as well as some team building inside games.
Campfires, smores, songs, snacks and meals made up the weekend.
A few of the cubs had never camped before and went straight at it and slept all night, the sixers were excellent at helping out and Wade, our new  Senior Sixer, showed exactly what a scout is all about.
Facilities where fantastic, cubs had a ball and even though the weather could have been better everyone of them wants to go back.  Even Dustbin Beaver our Young Leader / explorer cracked a smile.
Akela and Shere Khan even spent the night in Hammocks.  Many thanks to Skip from Explorers for throwing a couple of Hammockinn customs them up to us.
As always – many thanks to Shere Khan, Kaa and Cypress Beaver for their help at making it such a great camp. Kaa’s spag bol was welcomed on Saturday night and Mrs Akela’s brownies ended the camp in chocolately style.
Many thanks to Mr Dave and Miss Henry – we’ll see you at Easter!
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