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Cubs Halloween Harry Potter Camp

On Saturday 20th October 2018 the cubs set off to Ballylough House (renamed Hogwarts for the weekend).  Once all the tents were set up they had a quick lunch and lessons began.  This involved carving pumpkins which were used at night to light up the campsite and we all walked through the Forbidden Forest to collect the materials to make their brooms who were used later for a Qudditch competition. I am glad to say the competition ended in a draw!!
After dinner we set off on a night hike which threw up a few scary surprises. Apologies to all who were scared. The cubs then proceeded to the campfire where Hagrids hot chocolate was consumed in copious amounts.  They were all ready for bed by this time so off they all toddled and snuggled down for the night.
Sunday morning dawned wet and windy so in the rain so they bravely struggled and succeeded to get the tents packed away.
After the award ceremony where all the cubs were given their end of term reports the parents arrived to take some very tired but hopefully happy cubs back to Muggle land.  A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers without whom we could not have coped and to Shere Khan for his backroom help.