Keep up to date

Looking for a way to keep up to date with Ballymoney Scout Group news?

There are several ways you can stay informed. They are (in no particular order):

1. Twitter

Our Twitter account is @BmoneyScouts. We tweet all our latest news posts, and we follow several Scouting related people – @ScoutsNI, @UKScouting (the UK Scouting Association) and Bear Grylls among others. Our Twitter feed is shown on the right hand side of the website or you can click the Twitter logo to take you to our Twitter profile.

2. Facebook

Our Facebook page is here. “Like” us to keep up to date with news and comments. Latest news posts will be displayed on the wall. There is a link to our Facebook profile on the right hand side of this page, or you can click the Facebook logo.

3. Email subscriptions

You can subscribe to email updates and receive an email if there has been a new post on the website that day. You will receive no more than one email per day – no new posts mean no emails so your inbox won’t be overwhelmed. There is a subscribe box to the right hand side below the Twitter and Facebook widgets.

4. Weekly online digest of news

Each weekend, a collection of articles relating to scouting is collected into the ‘Ballymoney Scout Group weekly’. This is an online newspaper comprising tweets, posts, feeds and news etc. about scouting locally and further afield. You can view the paper at this website, or by clicking the logo to the left. You can subscribe to the paper and get an email reminder when the latest edition is out.

5. RSS feed updates

For the more technically minded, you can subscribe to the RSS feed (find out more about RSS here). There are a variety of RSS readers that will allow you to receive the latest news posts without having to visit the site each time. RSS posts can be sometimes be received in your browser window, your email client or with an RSS reader plug-in or download. Have a look at Google+ for example. The link to the Ballymoney Scout Group RSS news feed is at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, click on the logo to the right.

Get in touch with us…

Of course, communication is a two way process so feel free to send us a Tweet or post comments on our Facebook page! Failing that, you can contact us via email or you can fill out the contact form on this website.


Ballymoney Scouts on social media…

Ballymoney Scout Group now has a presence on Twitter and on Facebook!
Along with our updated website, we now have the facility to share information, news and events via Facebook and Twitter. Plus, there is the added advantage of interaction from other users of these social media.
Our Twitter feed now appears in the right hand side of our web pages along with our Facebook ‘like’ box. Simply click in either (or both) of these to find out more about how to stay up to date with Ballymoney Scout Group.
The Twitter and Facebook accounts will be automatically updated with the latest news posts from this website so you can easily keep up to date with the latest information.