Master at Arms Badge

The Scouts and Explorers visited Causeway Company of Archers to complete their Master at Arms badge.
master at arms
There are three main requirements to complete the badge.

  1. The Scouts attend regular training sessions and that they show improvement in their skills.
  2. The Scouts know the safety rules associated with the activity and demonstrate their use
  3. That they take part in a competition

After the safety talk and a few practice rounds, an Olympic Challenge got underway, which was hotly contested completion eventually won by Jack (congratulations Jack). During this completion Chris and Mark questioned the scouts on safety, and equipment.
The last session of the evening was the individual knock out competitions, where everyone had three lives and target to aim for, the problem was that every round the target reduced and so did the lives.
Everyone who attended completed the badge.
Out thanks go to Chris and Mark of the Causeway Company of Archers for providing an excellent evening for the scouts.