Explorers Tall Ship Phoenix Adventure

On Sunday some of our explorers seized an amazing opportunity to board the Tall Ship Phoenix whilst she was moored in the bay just off Ballycastle. The ship and her crew were in Ballycastle as part of the maritime festival. Before boarding the explorers had some free time to explore and enjoy the stands and artisan markets on the promenade. We then jumped into a small rib (which was an experience for some). After a short trip we were welcomed aboard the Phoenix by Captin Joel Foote and his crew. We where then given a tour of the ship along with plenty of sea worthy stories to go it.

One of our new members was due to be invested and we were honoured in the fact the Captin Joel  presented Alfie with his new Phoenix necker. As a token of gratitude and the fact we share the same name we decided to present the Captin with a Phoenix necker for the ship to take on her next voyage.
After an amazing afternoon aboard we headed back to dry land which was a welcome end for some of our explorers who realised they didn’t have sea legs …..

Executive News

New Leader Investiture

On Monday we had the privilege of investing 4 new Leaders into the group. They join the other 24 volunteers who, together, allow Ballymoney to run the sections and programmes they do.

There are over 50 million Scouts worldwide and only 5 countries that don’t have Scouts. Its a growing movement and Ballymoney has offered Scouting to members since 1921, and this is only possible because of our fantastic volunteers.

All leaders are volunteers who offer their time not only to plan and run the weekly meetings but also to undertake training, help other sections, run camps and events and help with District and County roles as well.

Becoming a newly invested Scout is the start of the journey, a promise is given and is lived with.

Welcome to the Group, County and Worldwide Family of scouts!



Scouts and Explorers Winter Weekend

On Friday 23rd November the Scouts and Explorers packed up and headed off in the minibus for their winter weekend away at Dunluce Guide House. Once there, after setting up the hostel and unloading all the goodies brought by the Tesco delivery van, everything was set for a great weekend ahead.
On Saturday the Scouts and Explorers headed off for various hikes around the North Coast. This allowed all participants to use and improve their map reading skills, as they each took turns to lead the group on the hike. On returning to the hostel the Scouts and Explorers were joined by four Cubs who are about to come up from Cubs to Scouts. After hot chocolate and cake the young people undertook a number of challenges including building a free standing tower out of newspaper and following a blind trail.
The group then welcomed two new scouts with their investiture ceremony taking place in the grounds of Dunluce Castle. On Saturday evening everyone enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by the patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders. This was followed by party games, including the After Eight Challenge, and ‘IbbleDibble’.

After a leisurely breakfast on Sunday morning the Scouts headed out to complete an incident hike, including first aid, building a fire off the ground and completing the invisible assault course. Some of the explorers went off biking down to the dunes.

The weekend came to a close on Sunday afternoon when it was time to pack up and return to the scout hall. We are all looking forward to our next adventure!