Chocolate Challenge

Once again the chocolate challenge has raised its head. In patrols the scouts and explorers designed a chocolate bar which included coming up with ingredients, naming it, designing its wrapper and this year creating an advertising slogan.
Entrants were varied with the Maple Bar which main ingredient was Maple syrup, Cookie crumble which included chocolate chip cookies and popping candy and this year’s winner was designed by the explorers and promptly called HLD (Hard Lad Dave) this is the explorers we are talking about!! Ingredients included every kind of chocolate you could possibly imagine as well as the engine from a 1986 Vauxhall Cavalier!!!!
Then came the fun part where everyone got to make and taste their own creations with the majority of the ingredients having to be substituted for an edible version.
Next year we might even try marketing these chocolate delights to the unsuspecting  public.
Chocolate challenge 17-01-12 (1)Chocolate challenge 17-01-12 (4)Chocolate challenge 17-01-12 (5)