Patrol Leaders Training Day

The wet weather didn’t deter the PL’s & APL’s having fun on their recent leadership and team working training day.
The day was broken down into a series of sessions each designed to help the young people gain a better understanding of team working and leadership. The day started with a scavenger hunt followed by erecting a tent indoors – this might sound easy, but since the tent was new to all the young people, and a few of the pieces were missing, it proved to be challenging enough.

Other sessions during the morning included the tricky bomb disposal, the awkward leader, and building an egg parachute (which was dropped off a twelve foot wall!)  I’m glad to say that all the eggs survived, although a few were seriously injured.
After lunch of Pizza & Chips, the action went indoors with activities such as The Brain. The last session of the day was the Troop Leadership Forum (TLF): this is where the young people decide on how to run their patrols, help decide the programme as well as plan future activities. This session was aided by hot chocolate fudge cake and ice cream, always a good way to round off the day!