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Scouts Night hike & BIVI

This weekend, scouts completed a hike from Coleraine to Downhill forest. That’s almost 6 miles carrying their gear for an overnight Bivi, in the dark with even the youngest managing to keep up!

Along the way they were able to locate their position at a number of stops on an OS map and provide 6 figure grid references. Of course, these stops were also a chance for a short rest and some snacks.

On arriving at Downhill, they were welcomed by a warm fire with soup gently warming. While waiting for soup, they built their shelters (tarps) which would protect them from the rain which arrived overnight. Back to the campfire and soup and rolls to fill up hungry bellies. Another burst of energy and still no sign of sleep at midnight!

Eventually the last scouts awake were reminded to get some rest and joined those already bedded down in shelters for the night.

It wasn’t long before leaders went to bed, with some in more luxurious accommodation than others (ahem..Jonny..ahem)

The morning was cool, but the campfire was lit in no time. Everyone enjoyed breakfast…beans cooked on the campfire, bacon and eggy bread cooked on the stoves. Finally, tarps and supplies were packed away, rucksacks repacked and a leave no trace litter check completed and it was time for tired, smoky scouts to go home

Well done to everyone!