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Scouts Hike Rathlin Island

Scout section met early on Saturday to embark on a trip to Rathlin Island and a 9 mile hike. A drizzly, grey start but the sun eventually made an appearance. On the way to Rathlin we were treated to a fabulous display from a dolphin pod 🐬

After a 4 and a half mile hike, dodging the puffin bus, a herd of sheep and free roaming cows we reached our destination 😁

A quick lunch break and we briefly visited the sea bird sanctuary/upsides down lighthouse after our lunch break. Another 4 and half miles back to the harbour. Well done to Scouts for walking uphills and jogging downhills to catch the Ferry home 👍🏻😂

Back to Ballycastle for some ice cream and playing in the park.

Get those naturalist booklets and a poster with 3/4 facts finished to earn your badge 👏🏻👏🏻

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