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Scouts Autumn Camp/Mud Run

Recently scouts visited picturesque Dungannon Park for their Autumn Camp.  The sun was shining when we arrived on-site and proceeded to set up camp.
It was a laid back camp with orienteering, capture the flag and lots of free time. Scouts used their free time to relax, explore the park, play football and visit the cafe for ice cream, slushies and other goodies. Later we headed into Dungannon town to do a grocery shop and pick up some takeaways for dinner (we even managed to score a free pizza 🍕 😃).
Back to the camp site and scouts were very happy to see that the play park was free of the general public, so of course they had to have a go on all the equipment. When it got dark it was time for a torchlight scavenger hunt (organised by our young leader). Eventually it was time for snacks and to seek refuge from the chilly night in their tents in order to get some rest for the next day.
An early rise on Sunday morning…dressed, breakfasts, washing up and breaking camp all before 9:45!!  Quite an achievement for a group of teenagers 😂.  Then it was over to Parkanaur forest for most of the scouts to take part in the mud run while the rest cheered them on. Well done to all who completed the course.  Muddy fun! Everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch before getting back on the bus and heading home.