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Patrol night

Tonight, after a game of “bean bag” scouts were assigned patrols. Patrol leaders and assistant Patrol leaders were selected and then they were given 4 challenges.
1. Create an outfit and hat out of paper. Leaders judge best outfit. Some very creative scouts, maybe some fashion designers of the future.

2. Make a paper aeroplane, whoever’s flies furthest wins.

3. Make a paper cup, no cello tape allowed, to hold water for a minute

4. Tallest free standing tower, only using cello tape and paper.

Patrol points awarded, scouts chose their patrol names (Tiger, panther, wolf and Kingfisher), tuck shop and then a couple of games of dodgeball to finish off.


Welcome to Ballymoney Scout Group

We are a Scout Group for both girls and boys based in the Co. Antrim market town of Ballymoney.

Scouting has a long history in the town and indeed first started in Ballymoney with the formation of the ‘Ballymoney Church Scout Troop’ in 1921 and continued with other groups (1st Ballymoney, 2nd Ballymoney in various guises) joining and merging over the years until in 1957 when the name Ballymoney Scout Group was adopted.

We have 3 active sections:

Beavers (6-8) Cubs (8-11) Scouts (11-14) Our Explorers (14+) join the County’s Night Owl ESU

Scouting offers challenge and adventure to 400,000 young people and 100,000 adults across the UK. We do some pretty amazing things in Scouting, but for us, adventure is a way of life and not just an activity or expedition.
Our Scouts grow in confidence by trying out new skills and stretching themselves. Whether it’s an Explorer trying out his French on an international trip or a Scout leading her Patrol for the first time, each time we challenge ourselves, it’s a step forward.
When a Scout stands up to a bully, or sticks up for what they believe in; that’s an adventure.

We are currently recruiting for more adults;

You can spare a few hours a week – We need Assistant Leaders and Occasional Helpers across a few sections
You can spare a few hours a month – We need Administrators and Event Planners to help with our fundraising (No experience required, just a willingness to get stuck in and be part of the team)
You can spare a couple of days over the year – We need people of all ages and backgrounds to help with events and also tradespeople to train the kids and volunteers on the upkeep of our equipment, hall and vehicles.
You can’t spare anytime but your business needs exposure? – We are working to create a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities please contact us to discuss.

email: for more info.

Cubs News

Cubs Spooky forest adventure

Despite bad weather forcast Cubs cad great fun in our Spooky forest adventure. It all startet with pumpkin searh followed by carving,  some fun games and spooky treasure hunt around dark forest. Good old baked potatoes with beans, cheese and sausages to top it all 😋

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Scouts walk Spooky Springwell Forest

On Friday night scouts got dressed in Halloween costumes and completed a 2 mile night time walk around Springwell Forest. Families were invited to join us too. Afterwards everyone was offered s’mores, hot chocolate/tea/coffee and donuts (thanks Joy). It turned out dry after an initial drizzle and we were treated to some lovely starry skies at times. Well done to all that took part, especially the younger siblings.


Beavers Experiment Badge

Beavers completed 3 experiments in their lodges to gain their badge. They made lava lamps, candle in a glass and oobleck

They learned that a fire needs oxygen to burn and when the oxygen runs out a vacuum pulled water into the glass. Those who lit the candle also ticked off part of their skills badge.

They also learned via our Lava lamps that the Carbon dioxide released from alkaseltzer tablets carried water through the oil and once reaching the surface the CO2 bubble popped meaning the water blob returned to the bottom.

Then they had lots of messy fun with oobleck (a non-Newtonian fluid which acts like a solid when hit, but a liquid when held)

Cubs News

Cubs Pack Forum

Wednesday night cubs enjoyed Pack Forum talking through ideas for badge work as well as playing some games to strengththeir teamwork. They also were sorted into their sixies – packs


Beavers News

Beavers Saturday Hike

Beavers visited Castleroe Wood for a hike on Saturday. A lovely autumn walk (the rain even stopped and the sun came out!!) collecting leaves, pine cones, seeds and all sorts of natural materials. Half way through the hike we stopped for a creative activity. They each had a small ball of clay which they stuck to trees. Then they moulded the clay into faces and used the materials they collected to create forest faces.

Return walk to the car park where Scout section leader had set up an shelter and ground sheet for beavers to enjoy their picnic lunch. Thanks Shere Khan. A wee game of duck, duck, goose (standing variation) then home time. Well done Beavers, you all earned your hike level 1 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

The forest faces were made using all natural materials, including the clay we used. However, scouts do their best to leave no trace. With this in mind the faces will remain for a week or so for walkers and families to enjoy, then leaders will return to remove any clay from the trees.

Beavers News

Beavers Still Getting to Know you 😂

2nd week back and we are still getting to know our colony of Beavers

Everyone started off telling Benny (our Beaver Mascot) what their name was and their favourite meal. Lots of McDonalds!! Don’t worry, camp meals will sort that out 😂😂😂

Some parachute games to see what we have in common and then inside for lodge assignments. Each Beaver was assigned a lodge and they will be challenged throughout the year to complete lodge challenges. They’ll earn points depending on how well they complete the tasks.

Youth led

We pride ourselves in listening to our young people, whether Beavers, Cubs or Scouts. Tonight Beavers were asked to write their name and a game they would like to lead, which was then put into our youth led box. Every week we will pick a game at random 😄 We also had a 3 dot vote so that Beavers could decide which badge they would like to work towards

Beavers News

Beavers start a New Scouting year!!

Beavers met in the car park for some fun.

First up, we had Benny the Beaver mascot help us introduce each beaver and leader, telling us their name and something they like to do.

We had Beaver friendship bingo, a beavers movement game and the old favourite “foxes and rabbits”

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Scouts End of Summer/Cubs moving on

For our last meeting of summer term we invited cubs moving on to scouts to come along for some fun. Team work and communication were very important for the team games. We had team skis, gutter ball and blind obstacle course. We finished up with some hotdogs (cooked by the scouts on trangias) and popcorn.

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Scouts Hike Rathlin Island

Scout section met early on Saturday to embark on a trip to Rathlin Island and a 9 mile hike. A drizzly, grey start but the sun eventually made an appearance. On the way to Rathlin we were treated to a fabulous display from a dolphin pod 🐬

After a 4 and a half mile hike, dodging the puffin bus, a herd of sheep and free roaming cows we reached our destination 😁

A quick lunch break and we briefly visited the sea bird sanctuary/upsides down lighthouse after our lunch break. Another 4 and half miles back to the harbour. Well done to Scouts for walking uphills and jogging downhills to catch the Ferry home 👍🏻😂

Back to Ballycastle for some ice cream and playing in the park.

Get those naturalist booklets and a poster with 3/4 facts finished to earn your badge 👏🏻👏🏻

Cubs News

Cubs summer fun

For last 2 weeks Cubs enjoyed walks from Portrush East Strand to Whiterocks as well as Downhill forest. We explored caves, sand dunes, scavenged around forest trails and attempted to build small rafts using all natural resources…
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Hot Hike up Binevenagh 🥵

This weekend scouts hiked up Binevenagh, guided by Heather (Pulse Fitness). The hottest day of the year so far didn’t stop our Scouts from completing the route. Lots of refreshment breaks, we hiked almost four miles, some very steep inclines and descents, with uneven ground underfoot. We are very proud of our Scouts achievement today.


All the fun of the Fair

Beavers had their last meeting of the year this week. They had lots of funfair games to play and prizes for each game they played. There was Duck, Duck, Shoot, Plinko, Ring toss, Whack-a-pacman, hook-a-duck, mini golf, hungry horse, tin can alley and tomahawk throwing. This was followed up with some tasty food (thanks Shere Khan). Thanks to Cub section leader Bagheera for coming along to meet next years Cubs.

At end the meeting we gave out lots of badges. A huge well done to the 6 Beavers who managed to complete their Chief Scout Bronze over a difficult year. They managed to do so by continuing to scout throughout lockdowns by joining lots of zoom meetings, completing challenges at home and taking part in virtual camps. Well done to them all 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Good luck to our Beavers moving to Cubs in September. You’ll have lots more fun and adventures there. We’ll miss you. Looking forward to returning in September and seeing all our Beavers again 🦫 ⚜️


Scouts Fun on the Water

Scout section were on the River Roe today taking part in some water activities…canoeing/kayaking/giant SUP and silly games in between 😂😬

Two weeks break and then we’ll be back for more fun together

Beavers News

Games Night with Beavers

Nice wee evening playing a few games in the local park. We had a team obstacle course ( team 2 just beat team 1) and a socially distanced version of ladders. Finally we moved to the play park for a game of the floor is lava. Great to see another (mostly) dry evening for outdoor fun 🤩


Cubs Bird Box Project