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May Explorer Expedition



We will be hiking, bushcrafting and camping in the vicinity of Binevenagh Mountain and Forest.


EXPEDITION LEADER: David Hoy – 07516590708

OUTBOUND PICK UP: Ballymoney Scout Hall, Saturday 27th May at 11:00 am.

INBOUND PICK UP:  Ballymoney Scout Hall, Sunday 28th November at 11:00 am.

The total cost is £7 (This includes all meals, activities and transport)



Socks x 4
Trousers x 2
Underwear x 2
Shirt / T-Shirt x 2
Warm Jumper / Hoody
Outdoor Coat
Waterproof Trousers
Light Towel
Hiking Boots
Head Torch
Hand Torch (Please charge / replace batteries for both of these.)
Anti Midge Spray / (Head Net if you’re feeling fancy)
Sandwich /  Freezer Bag Containing ¼ packet of wipes
Packet of Hankies / Freezer Bag with several lengths of Toilet Roll
Small Bottle of Antibacterial Gel (super cheap at the checkout in Lidl 😉
Personal Medications (Must be discussed on accompanying medical consent form)
Sleeping bag  + Liner if needed (It’ll be needed if you are using a 2 season bag or are a cold sleeper)
Travel Pillow (or just bring an empty pillowcase – stuff your spare jumper into it to make a pillow 😉
Roll Mat or Self Inflating Mattress (Let me know if you need one, I know where we can borrow some if needed.)
Plate, Knife, Fork, Spoon. (Maybe even a Spork? Whatever floats your boat.)


Get all of the above washed, waterproofed and lashed into a rucksack, we’re not camping far from the minibus so no probs if you want to pack your sleeping bag separately for handyness.
If bringing a mobile phone, fully charge it, ensure it is in a suitable case and make sure that a ‘find my phone’ app is installed, active and the phone owner understands how to operate the app. (I’d rather they were left at home, but that’s against the grain of modern scouting. Note the emphasis on the case – if it’s not cased it’s getting broke where we’re going.)


We will head out to the Mountain in the group Minibus, decide which campsite we should use based on local conditions, explore the area for resources and when happy make lunch.
Following Lunch we’ll take in one of Binevenagh’s fine walking routes. If we’re lucky and have a dry day we’ll go for this epic adventure. Failing that we’ll take in some of the more sheltered routes through the forest. This will of course be judged at the time taking into account everyone’s fitness / preparedness / willingness.
On return to base we’ll build a simple tent & hammock camp and then proceed to have a Braai on the Hill. (Wood fire + Meat, Marinades and Salads 🙂
In the morning we’ll have a healthy(ish) breakfast, break camp and return to base.



Fresh Bakers Baguettes stuffed with: Cheese / Ham / Salad / Tuna


Butchers Sausages  / Skips Ballymoney Beef Burgers  / Nut & Bean Burger  Served with  Mexican Rice, Pitta Pockets and Dips.


Skips Tropical Porridge / Raw Toast (Bread)  / Bacon

Water / Tea / Coffee / Fruit Juice will be available throughout.

(Please ensure leaders are up to date on any specific dietary requirements)



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Questions? Don’t delay

Call Skip Now:- 07516590708