Beavers News

March Madness

Beavers have had a very busy month, so here’s a quick recap.  First we had three new leaders invested to the section! Welcome to Ash, Holly and Rowan.

This month we visited Ballymoney library for story telling, attended the Beavers county Fun day in Maghera (see other post) and enjoyed an Irish themed night for St Patrick’s Day.  Thanks so much to Candice and Caitlin for the beautiful Irish dancing display.  Beavers also made some Irish joke fortune tellers.

Last week scout Alex helped beavers to earn their space badge.  They visited space stations carrying out various missions about planets and constellations, watched a video of astronaut Tim Peake playing space ping pong and finished off with some stargazing.

Finally, it was time for a fun night at Drumaheglis Marina.  Beavers had a woodland walk gathering ‘eggs’ along the way (even the rain didn’t dampen their spirits).  Then on to Ash’s Scavenger Hunt where they found treats galore!

PHEW!!! I think we all deserve a nice rest after such a busy month.  Happy Easter everyone!!!