Explorer and Network 10th Birthday Badge

Explorer and Network 10th Birthday Badge

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the introduction of the Explorer Scout and Scout Network sections, we’re releasing a special occasional badge, chosen by members of the Movement.
After a month of voting, the deadline has now passed, and Explorers and Network members have selected their favourite from a choice of three very different badges.

Wear it with pride

Emma Saunders, Programme and Development for Scout Network said:
‘The badge comprises the green of the Explorer section and the grey of Network. It also captures the fun and adventure of both sections while leaving no-one in any doubt about what birthday we’re celebrating. I hope Explorer Scouts, Network members and their leaders enjoy wearing the badge on their uniforms throughout 2012.’

Ten years of spectacular growth

There’s plenty for us to celebrate in 2012.
Since 2002, the number of 14 to 25-year-olds in Scouting has soared. Our 2011 census counted 36,346 Explorer Scouts (including 9,030 Young Leaders) and 4,885 Scout Network members. This adds up to more than double the 19,245 Venture Scouts recorded in 2001.
The winning badge will be available to buy from Scout Shops in January. It is to be worn above the Membership Award on the left side, where all occasional badges go.

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