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Cubs (& a few beavers!) at the Ulster Aviation Society

Today Cubs and Three beavers took to the bus and went to the Ulster Aviation Society to finlalise their Air Activities badges.
Off we toddled in convoy and landed at the Hangars where we were met by the enthusiastic volunteers who were to be the guides.  In three groups we saw every part of the place, Cubs (And beavers) where in planes, working rudders, trying on helmets and generally having a ball.  We even got to see the work area were various projects were ongoing, including a replica spitfire which everyone got a go in (Akela wouldnt fit…)
A war time fire engine is also there and had its bell rung more than during the war…
A big thankyou to the volunteers there and to Matt for coming along too.  A trip to the Golden Arches of Ronald the clown provided lunch then home (only an hour late…)
The chairperson of the Society even awarded the kids their levl 3 badges.
Well worth a visit.