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2018 Cub Jamboree

1000 Cubs, Tents, Activities – what else could you need??

Following the Success of Cubjam in 2014 its running again.

Cub scouts from all over NI, ROI and further afield will descend upon Crawfordsburn Scout Centre in May to have an action filled weekend.  This only happens every three or four years and is a fantastic experience for your young person.
We will be staying in tents in our groups and will take part in loads of different activities, adventures, skill building and badge work.
The cost for the camp is £75 – this covers all activities, food, camping, transport, badges, tee-shirts and so much more.


LEADERS: Akela – 07542808014, Kaa & Raksha, Shere Khan and Cypress Beaver

OUTBOUND PICK UP: Ballymoney Scout Hall, TBC 25th May 2018 (Friday)

INBOUND PICK UP:  Ballymoney Scout Hall, TBC 27th May 2018 (Sunday)

The total cost is £75 (This includes all meals, activities and transport)



Full uniform for travelling
Group polo / hoody (if you have one)
Socks                                                                                                                        x 4
Trousers (Joggers / activity trousers etc (not jeans)                   x 3
Underwear                                                                                                          x 4
Shirt / T-Shirt             (no football or sports tops)                             x 4
Warm Jumper / Group  Hoody                                                               x2
Jammies / onesie                                                                                           x2 (wear and a spare)
Outdoor (waterproof) Coat  / jacket                                                   x1
Waterproof Trousers                                                                                  x1
Towel (small)                                                                                                    x2
Boots (walking)                                                                                             x1
spare shoes (will get clarried / wet)                                                 x1
Head Torch (spare batteries sent please)                                   x1
Hand Torch (small, spare batteries sent please)                     x1
Beanie hat / gloves
Mug, Bowl, Plate, Knife, Fork, Spoon. 
three plastic carrier bags
wash bag (toothbrush,tooth paste, soap, flannel etc)
(all above should be packed in one medium rucksack!)
Sandwich /  Freezer Bag Containing ¼ packet of wipes
Packet of Hankies / Freezer Bag with several lengths of Toilet Roll
Sleeping bag  
Travel Pillow (or just bring an empty pillowcase – stuff your spare jumper into it to make a pillow 😉
Roll Mat 
Teddy or stuffed friend
Wide mouth drinks bottle
(should all fit in the daysack)


I cannot stress the importance of labelling / naming everything.  Cubs will be in tents, they will pull their ruckackcontents out and mix it up.  They will leave stuff lying around in the wrong places. Other cubs will have headtorches and other things that look the same……  sharpie markers and labels…. saves a lot of arguing.
DO NOT SEND PHONES OR GADGETS!  They will be confiscated if seen and probably get broken if not.  Phones add to homesickness and the home contact (Intouch system) will be in place.  Other electronic gadgets will get broken, run out of batteries, mixed up etc…  They will not need anything like this.
Did i mention labelling everything?

PAYMENT – you can pay full amount or deposit (non refundable as we will have to pay a deposit) and then pay in parts.  Deposit in by last week of february and final payments all in by end of march please (if this causes problems speak to Akela)

We use Paypal to process our payments to ensure your security. You DO NOT NEED a paypal account to make a payment.

It is essential that when making this payment you make sure you note the members name and “CUBJAM18”.

Use the button below to make payment, if you have any problems please contact the GSL:


Questions? Don’t delay

text akela or email