Beavers News

#Beavershape 2019

Our youngest section took part in the county #Beavershape event this weekend. The event was held in Castlerock and they were joined by beavers from all over the county. They had a blast playing games and creating tea towels, new badges and mini figure woggles.

They took part in youth shape activities in which they expressed what they liked to do at beavers, what they think makes a good leader and thoughts on badges they can currently earn or new ideas for ones they would like to earn.

Lunch break, during which they had some impromptu games of Ladders and Duck, duck, goose with Derryloran beavers. Then they were able to burn off some more energy on the inflatable assault course. Finally time to relax while learning about animals such as a millipede, a Harris hawk, a tarantula and a boa constrictor snake. Our Beavers were all very brave!

Well done to all the beavers for behaving so well and doing Ballymoney proud. Thank you to Adam Meikle and his team for organising and running the event. Also, thanks to our Scout helper Robyn for taking most of the photos.