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Beavers Saturday Hike

Beavers visited Castleroe Wood for a hike on Saturday. A lovely autumn walk (the rain even stopped and the sun came out!!) collecting leaves, pine cones, seeds and all sorts of natural materials. Half way through the hike we stopped for a creative activity. They each had a small ball of clay which they stuck to trees. Then they moulded the clay into faces and used the materials they collected to create forest faces.

Return walk to the car park where Scout section leader had set up an shelter and ground sheet for beavers to enjoy their picnic lunch. Thanks Shere Khan. A wee game of duck, duck, goose (standing variation) then home time. Well done Beavers, you all earned your hike level 1 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

The forest faces were made using all natural materials, including the clay we used. However, scouts do their best to leave no trace. With this in mind the faces will remain for a week or so for walkers and families to enjoy, then leaders will return to remove any clay from the trees.

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