Beavers Globetrotters Sleepover

This weekend 14 fabulous Beaver scouts took part in our Globetrotters sleepover. On arrival they filled in their passport details and then began their trip around the world in a hot air balloon (parachute mushroom). With the help of our YLs we took Beavers to Latvia (Lotars), Australia (Luke and Robyn) and Canada (Nathan) and had their passport stamped on arrival at each country.

On the arrival at each country Beavers were shown a flag. They had to find the flag on the world map and locate where the country was on the world map. Once found our YL’s shared facts, food and games relating to those countries.

Latvia (ancient pagan symbols, introducing yourself in Latvian and facts – widest waterfall in Europe is in Latvia), Australia (Beavers are Joey scouts in Australia, kangaroo hop game, Australian wildlife and food – fairy bread yes, Vegemite no) and Canada (facts/info, pancakes with maple syrups and “ice puck” hockey).

Some cookies and hot choc before heading to bed (a couple of hours before all Beavers finally slept 😂😂)

Up at 7:00 returning to NI for a matinee movie (the Lorax) and an Ulster fry. Some games and a hot air balloon crafts (which taught a knot) before packing up. A fruit snack and some parachute games before home.Well done to all on camp for earning your international activity badge and beaver sleepover badges. We had 10 1st time campers and 4 who camped with us before. Thanks to all Young Leaders and leaders for making camp possible