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2017 Cubs and Explorers Summer Camp

As June pulled to a close, it was time for a few members of Ballymoney Scout Group to head north to attain their International Badge, as well as working towards their own unit Badges.



Cubs were all geared up for the international trip.  Once we landed and got camp set up Supper was the order of the day, with Kaa on the pots and pans.  All sections and leaders had a pleasant evening in jammies and onesies before getting an early(ish) night for a busy day.
The next day, Horse riding, archery,Team building games were all undertaken with gusto.  Upon their return after the big trek the explorers, scouts and cubs all took part in a mud run.  Only word for it – Madness! One explorer undertook the challenge in his pajamas…. Mud baths and warm power-hosing then   an evening in the cafeteria building with Skip on drums and Akela and Rudi having a go at guitars made up for the lack of campfire (weather was not clement!)
Camp clean up and pack up and back into the bus for the trip home.  A fun trip for all…


Dragged along by their parents, two scouts joined the group to provide help and also have a go at being explorers for the day, joining the Explorer Unit in a hard trek over the Urris Hills.



The Views were rewarding

Working on the Explorer Hikes Away Badge, the Unit took advantage of the lift going north and accompanied the Cubs on their Summer sojourn. Proving useful  to help with the set up and running of the camp 🙂 We also took advantage of Inishowens well developed trails network to explore the Urris Hills. An area well known to modern day adventurers. We had a fantastic experience, and with many more adventures to be had in the locality we’ll be sure to be back.